Saturday, October 25, 2008

Witches Night Out

This year us Elton Girls went to Witches Night Out at Gardener Village. We had a ton of fun! It was a lot of fun getting all dressed up and going out with the girls. After we left Gardener Village we went to Market Street Grill and ate some delisious food. Of course we had a lot of fun there. We had a waiter that kept saying some interesting things like "I am a big Halloweener" so of course we took it quite a bit farther than that when he wasn't there. Then we ended up at Walmart... We spent the rest of the night there trying to find the perfect pair of bloomers to go over our black leggings so when we bent over in our Too Toos everyone could see them. It was a great night!

Our waiter took this one.

We had a great time in the door at Market Street.

Here we are the hot Witches


Monday, October 20, 2008

Jed's Physicaly Retarded Deer

Corby & Jed

Jed's deer this year really was physically retarded. For some unknown reason it had been casturated... Therefore, the horns were still in velvet and were soft plus they were very deformed. It looks like a spike but if you look closely you can see a bunch of weird little nubbers. It was kinda freeky looking!