Saturday, September 27, 2008



Steele, Kylie, Jade, & Zoie

The Girls & Steele

On September 27th Kylie, Steele and I joined my mom, sister and nieces at Cornbelly's. We had a great time! Kylie, Shara Dawn, and I went through the Big Inflatable Dinosour. It is really dark in it and it makes you think you are walking through it's organs... It was great I scared Kylie SO bad and made her jump so many times!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mashed Potatoes

Steele shares Kylie's love for Mashed Potatoes (& Santa).

Workin' With Daddy

Jed did a rock wall for Kylie's uncle so we all went to help. Steele helped out in the excavator.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Steeley Willey's 1st Birthday

Steele was tired & Jed was lovin' it!
Steele loves his Little People

And his cake!

Aunt Calie and Grandma made him his cake.

Kylie getting him ready for his cake.

He mainly ate the wrapping paper.

Wow! I really can't believe how time flys. You hear over and over how fast time flys and how kids grow up before your eyes, and you think you know what people are talking about. But until you have your own kids you really don't understand how true all of that is... At least I sure didn't. Steele is such an amazing little man. He has been such a good baby! He started sleeping all of the way through the night just before he was three months old. Now he mimics everything Jed does and says. I'm sure I don't need to tell anyone this isn't always a good thing, althouh it is always hard not to laugh. For example: Jed has got Steele saying "Re-re-re-re-taaaard-ooo (if you understand that) anytime he points in my direction.
Steele also loves to kiss! He gets his lips stuck out as far as he possibly can to kiss. And there has been a few times that he has wanted to kiss Katie so she puts her cheek to him and he turns her head to kiss her lips. He does the funniest things and when you laugh at him he will repeat it over and over again.
Steele likes his sister Kylie more than anyone! He loves to play with her even though she teases him like crazy. Kylie is such a huge help! She loves to get him dressed! She will even change a poopy diaper if she is dressing him. She is also always more than happy to take him outside and play with him. They both love the Power Wheeles 4-wheeler that my mom & dad gave him for his birthday. They also go on walks all of the time. They are great together and some days I don't know how I would get anything done if it wern't for her.
P.S. I know I rambled on and on but here are pictures from Steele's Birthday Party.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Random Pictures

I took these pictures when Jed and I went up by Strawberry to look at a job. I think they are really neat!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Island Park

I learned how to Wake Surf and I was doing SO good until Corby thought he should moon me... I fell.
Kylie and Remie
I was trying to get Kylie to pose for the camera and she wouldn't so Remie taught her how.

Maycee, Steele, & Ryklee

The kids looking for Froggets.

Some of the Crazy Elton's on Dagan & Whitney's boat.

Brayden and Rhett Wake Surfing. Brayden actually got up by himself later.

Steele LOVED his life jacket!

Kylie having crazy fun on the paddle boat.

Steele and Grandpa

Steele and Maycee CHEESE!
Kylie, Steele, and I spent a weekend in Island Park with all of Jed's family. Jed went on the annual "Guys River Trip" with my dad. We had so much fun even though we were missing him. Dagan and Whit brought their boat up and we stayed in Sunny's brother's cabin right on the lake. We had a mud fight, played on the water and dock, played cards, and even went poop sacking (imagine that). It is always a great and interesting time with all of them.