Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Figured It Out!

I figured it out finally. It took a good melt down and then it all seemed to come together. Thanks for every one's help and concern and compassion! I never really thought I would be so emotional and dramatic when it came down to sending him to a sitter.
I talked to a sitter and planned on taking him to her the next morning and I felt pretty good about her because Calie and Peggy know her really well but when I got off of the phone with her and thought about it for about 30 sec. I started balling, there was no way I could take him! So... I ended up taking him up to Peggy and Calie. Thanks guys! You have no idea how much I appreciate how you are always there for me!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I have such a big problem and I have been avoiding it in a big way!

I don't really know anyone that does child care... so how do I decide what stranger I should trust to leave my incredibly loved, cute, mischievous son with for six hours while I go to work everyday? How do I know if this stranger is actually paying any attention to him while he is there? How do I know how he will be treated?
I know, I know... people do this everyday. They leave their most precious babies with strangers.

Okay seriously! I really need help! Does anyone know any AMAZING, PATIENT, CLEAN, RESPECTABLE, LOVING... ETC.... ETC.... ETC.... person out there that would love to have my baby in their home for about six hours of the day that might live somewhere close to the Lehi area?


Special Olymics

We did great at Special Olympics Volleyball this last Friday!

Lehi had 5 teams total! Two from the High School and three City Teams. I coach one of the school teams and Jed is actually a Unified Partner (non-disabled teammate) on one of the city teams.

We have had so much fun participating in this! We practice every Tuesday night and the whole family goes. Kylie enjoys meeting all of the amazing kids and being able to play Volleyball with them. Jed has made SO many friends but there are a set of brothers that just LOVE him and he can't get enough of them. They wrestle and talk about girls with any spare time we have there. And Steele just enjoys running around the Gym like a crazy man playing with all the balls.

This past Friday was our Area Games...

My team got a Silver Medal placing 2nd in our bracket.

Jed's team got a ribbon placing 4th in their bracket.

And the three other teams got Gold, Bronze, and I think another Bronze.

It was SO much fun! And quite intense at times!

I have GREAT pictures but I can't post them online... I don't think all of these kid's parents would love that... So when you see me ask me to see them... You will absolutely love them!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Steele Cut His Foot Bad!

My poor little guy cut his little toes tonight BAD! I felt so bad for him. Jed Doctored him up though. We didn't have any athletic tape so of course Duct Tape worked just great! There was so much blood dripping from his foot... poor little thing :-(
He was seriously SO tuff! He really hardly ever cries when he gets hurt but tonight he really surprised me. He just whined a bit when Jed was touching his toe other than that he was just saying "Steeley Bob Steeley Bob Steeley Bob" That's what Uncle Rhett calls him and he has been saying it all day.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Husband Tag...

1- Where did you meet? When I was eight I went to work with my dad and Jed worked with him.
2- How long did you date before you got married? Great Question... I don't really know when we started dating... ha ha
3- Where did he propose? In our kitchen on my birthday.
4- Where did you get married? Millenial Falls in Draper
5- How long have you been married? 3 1/2 YEARS... CRAZY!
6- What is your favorite feature of his? His cute little bum, his smile, his laugh...
7- What is his best quality? His scence of hummor
8- Does he have a nickname for you? Mama, Cans, or SychoFace... only when he is trying to bug me though... ha ha ha... you gotta know him
9- What is his favorite food? Finger Foods, Steak & Potatoes, & Sea Food
10-What is his favorite sport? Wrestling
11- When and where did you have your first kiss? Ha Ha... It's a BIG Secret... I'm not telling anyone!!! Especially Corby, Sunny, or Calie! (They want to know really bad!)
12- Who said I love you first? He did
13- What do you like to do together? Four Wheeling, Riding, Hunting, Golfing... We do everything together.
14- Do you have any kids? Yep... Ky & Steele
15-What is his favorite music to listen to? Old Time Country
16- What do you admire most about him? His work ethic. I could never work as hard as he does. He is also such a great dad!

I thought this was really fun! I am tagging EVERYONE THAT READS THIS! It is always good to think of all these good things!