Monday, January 19, 2009

Murder Mystery

Okay... So I don't get why my pictures show up in a backwards order than what I want them to!
This is @ the end of the night Jed made himself a Sumo diaper. Then he and Kylon went out front and did snow angels in the icee snow. Kylon had clothes on but Jed got scraches all of his chest and cuts on the top of his feet. He's pretty smart sometimes!

Right before this picture Jed put his bare butt in Erin's face. This is her cute reaction.
Ky and Corb watching Guitar Hero Wars.
Sunny as "Bea Baupper" Calie as "E.C. Leigh"
Kylon with his sexy slicked back hair and earing.
Mom's costume.
Jed as Del Toydes

"Joe K. Awledge, Jock S. Trape, E.C. Leigh, Bea, Baupper"
We had a lot of fun playing a murder mysery Saturday night it was themed in 1950. My parents played too. I was just sitting right next to them so I couldn't get any good pictures.
After the game we had bananna splits then played the Guitar Hero and Mario Cart.
I had a few more pictures that I really want to post on here but would not be particullary appropiate. Sunny and Calie took my camera... and anyone that knows them can only imagine what the pictures are of.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Jed

It was Jed's birthday Sunday. Calie & I made this cake for him. I don't know how funny he thought it was... But we sure got a kick out of it!
My parents took us to Market Street Grill on Saturday for his birthday and I got these pictures.

Christmas 2008

Our holidays were great!
We had a lot of fun with all of our family. On Christmas Eve we had all of the Elton's and my parents over for dinner a games. We had such a good time!

Christmas Day my parents came over to watch Kylie and Steele open all of their presents and exchange gifts with them. Then we went over to Wes and Peggy's and spent the day and dinner with them.