Sunday, October 17, 2010

Steele's THREE

My baby turned THREE September 5th. We had a great party with amazing family and friends!

Kylon, Steele, & Jed plucking the turkey's feathers so we could cook it for the feast.

Jed, Rhett, & Steele trying to light the candles. ( check out the farm cake I made)

Just Me & Jed

Jed and I took the trailer and headed up to the Green River near Kemmer, WY. A bunch of guys from a job he was working on went up there to roast a pig, camp, and fish for a weekend so we left the kiddos and hit the road. On the way there we ran out of fuel! It was great!
The infamous mug...

And a good game of Pass The Crown = Good times.


Theese are not in any kind of order...
We visited the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point right before school started with my sister and her girls.

And the Splash Pad in Highland with Calie, Sunny, Peggy and Brennan and the kiddos of course.

This is a Lehi City Firefighter party... The Firefighters spray foam out of their hoses for the kids to play in. There are two different areas on for the big kids and one for the little kids. I was with the Steele and Ryklee and Jed was with Kylie and Remie so I don't have any pictures of Ky and Rem playing.

This is some Crook Neck Squash and Zucchini out of our garden.

Dax bonding with Raz.

Kylie and Remie danced in the A.F. parade.

Steele riding his real wheeler. He ran into the swing set and went up over his handlebars this day and got right back on to ride more.

And then there were three...

DaxTirell Dean was born June 30th instead of July 13th because I was itchy... literally! I still don't quite understand it but my Gal bladder wasn't functioning properly which made my liver not function properly which made be so unbelievably itchy I was about to check myself into a the mental ward. And trust me I tried all the creams, allergy meds, and bath concoctions I could find. Come to find out they weren't working because I was itchy from the inside out. When my awesome doctor got the results of my blood tests back he scheduled a C-Section the next day because it was putting us at risk for a still birth. So Wednesday June 30th at 8:22 AM DaxTirell was born weighing in at a whopping 6 lbs. 4 oz. and and 19 inches long.

...And the itching got worse from the Spinal Block and then finally went away completely that night. Though I did have scratches and scabs all over my head and chest. But look was a handsome little fart he is!

Three Fat Girls...

My due date was July 17th, Calie was Aug. 26th, and Sunny Oct. 4th All expecting BOYS.

Shandee took all of these photos. She did awesome I promise there are serious ones of us but we all like the dorky ones much better it takes the focus off of the BIGNESS. And PLEASE don't think about figuring out which belly belongs to who!

Jed ran the Pleasant Grove 5K with Kylie, Katie, & Denise.

Here they are crossing the finish line.

We've have a few new additions to our family this year...

This is Honkey & "46" they are Mustangs that we adopted this spring. Steele named the little guy "46" after his favoite number on his tape measure. REALLY. My dad came up with Honkey because he really likes to snort or honk his nose at you. He is BEAUTIFUL!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of Honkey and Pickles!