Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kylie's Birthday

Kylie is turning 11! We had her family dinner/party for her.
We told her she had to modle everything she got cause we got her a bunch of riding gear for her motorcycle. She was a good sport and did it!
Jed even helped.

Jed made her this box and also a wooden ring. It is really neat!
And gift cards for iTunes... She loved these! She unloaded them as fast as she could open them :-)
This is her Pellet gun she got. She enjoys going out shooting and we are hoping to get her Hunter Stafety done soon just in case she decides she might want to join in on the hunting.
Kylie is seriously one of the coolest nicest girls I know! She is a great person!
We Love You Girl! Happy Birthday!

Christmas 2009

Jed opening what Santa left him.
Steele & Ky opening what Santa left them...

Jed made me this amazing bed, I absolutley love it!

It was such a huge surprise, I knew he was making me something but I had no idea what it was.

Seriously, it is the neatest bed I have ever seen! Thanks again babe! I LOVE IT!

Steele got this little shiner at Granny & Grandpa's on Christmas day, it is his first ever and Jed was SO proud!

Christmas was SO much fun this year, We had Kylie for Christmas Eve and morning and Steele was finnally old enough to really enjoy it.
For Christmas Eve we had our families over for dinner. Jed smoked a Ham, Turkey, & Potatoes... Yum Yum! Huge fan of the potatoes! We had a great time and enjoyed all of the company. We are SO blessed to have such great family!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Horseback Riding Lessons

Hi everyone!

I quit my job at the high school to stay home with the kiddos... and am going to start giving horseback riding lessons... therefore, I am accepting riders of all ages.

Lessons will be given at the Highland Equestrian Park just North of Costco in Lehi.

My first true love Jinx is an amazing, sweet, gentle horse that I trust completley... He is amazing!

Call me if you're interested!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gap Casting Call

Steele and Kylie are both entered into the Gap Casting Call and YOU CAN VOTE! Go to to vote for Steele then in the upper right hand corner search "shadowrok" and you will see Kylie's entry. They are such cute kids!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


My super cool husband made me a pantry today! We have lived in our house for four years now and I have unhappily delt with not having a pantry (and hardly any cupboard space for food) in my kitchen. Well last week I got the brilliant idea to turn our coat closet into a pantry :-) We never really used the coat closet anyway there was just junk in it. So today Jed built me my SWEET pantry so I had to blog about it! I sure wish we would have done this four years ago! THANKS BABE!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Jed's Handy Work

Jed (and I) made this table this weekend it turned out pretty awesome so I thought I would show it off. He was making it for our upstairs living room to replace the ugly banged up one we have been using. But we both decided we would try to sell it instead. Although I absolutely LOVE it!

If anyone is interested in it let me know!

Steele's Second Birthday

My baby is TWO, I really can't believe it! He is such a little man.

I am SO greatful to have such an awesome little guy! He is the most amazing little man! Before he turned two he could count to ten flawlessly and he has quite the little vocabulary, it is quite entertaining!

Mommy Loves You!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Pictures!!!

We FINALLY got family pictures done! And they are AMAZING! We had them done at my Great Grandma's house, it was a lot of fun to go back there with my kids and swing on the Weeping Willows! I couldn't be any happier with them... I thought I would share a priview with all of you since I like them SO much. Here is a link...

I would recomend Bella Ann Photography to anyone to get great pictures done. Laci is really a lot of fun to work with and she doesn't make you do stupid cheesy poses, and she captures a lot of personality. We had a lot of fun.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sprinklers with Cousins

Calie and Sunny came over with the kids and they ran through the sprinkler. None of the kids had their swim suits since it was a last minute thing so they all wore Steele clothes... except Remie she was just fine running around in her undies, therefore there are no pictures of her on here. It is pretty funny Crew is almost six (WIERD) and Remie is 5 1/2 and they both still fit in Steele clothes the shorts are a little short on Crew but they still fit. Crew. What A Stud!

Maycee Cheese!

Ky and Steele mowing the lawn before the sprinklers. I had to get Steele a mower so he could help.

Sprinklers in the rain

Ky & her friend Rylee decided to play in the sprinklers in the rain one day. They were being such dorks! I have some seriously funny pictures of Kylie making some really great faces but she would kill me if I posted them on here for everyone to see.


Jed was washing the truck so Steele thought he should wash his bike. I think theese pictures are so cute.

New Hinding Spot

Steele has found a new favorite hiding place... I was doing laundry and climbed in and told me "Shut it, Shut it". He is so funny!

Bed Time

Jed told me he was going to go put Steele down for a nap. About 1/2 hour later I still heard noises coming from his room and decided to go peek in and found this...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Face Paiting

I went to pick up Steele one day after school from Grandma Peggy's and brought Crew & Maycee home with me...
We had SO MUCH FUN!!! Kylie painted Crew's face, I painted Kylies, and Crew painted mine.

Steele, Kylie, Maycee, Crew's rock he painted and Crew (it's in this hand he is holding up. It is SO cute!)
My super cute nephew Crew!
Kylie, Candice, & Crew
I helped Steele & Maycee with a little bit of their paint but they really just weren't having it so they took over.