Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Alison's Pantry

Some of you may know and some may not, that I began working as a Sales Rep for Alison's Pantry. It is something I do from home and I am having a lot of fun doing it!

What is Alison's Pantry???

Some people may compare it to "Shwan's". I have a catalog I can send out monthly (or you can check it out online) and you can order MANY MANY items at great prices and a lot of it comes in bulk. The items available range from Frozen Meat, Vegtables, Fruits, Appetizers, & Treats to Dry mixes, Fresh Bulk Spices, Sauces, Soups, Just about any Baking Needs, Food Storage Containers & Recipie Books. Plus many more.

Here are some reasons why people Love Alison's Pantry!

QUALITY. Our frozen meats and vegetables are
premium quality products. These are the same
products served in nice restaurants, but our customers
enjoy them in bulk packaging at affordable prices.
Their Grade A flavor, texture, and color make them
standouts in your meals.
FRESHNESS. Even our pre-cooked bacon isn’t manufactured and packaged
until the week that it ships. Our products don’t sit in warehouses, and you can
taste the flavorful difference!
Our customers love buying fresh, aromatic spices in
1 lb. bags for the same price they would pay for small jars
in their local grocery store. They also love our powdered
flavorings, bulk chocolate chips, and fresh nuts for their
baking. For convenience, we also offer our versatile private
label mixes.
DEHYDRATED PRODUCTS. Every month our catalog offers a nice selection
of dehydrated and other long-term storage and preparedness products to help
our customers prepare for the unexpected.
UNIQUE ITEMS. Our customers love having access to the same scrumptious
products that foodservice companies do, like frozen soups, proof-and-bake
butter flake rolls, etc.
CONVENIENCE. Alison’s Pantry customers love
the convenience of planning ahead and placing a
monthly order. Their freezers have the ingredients
they need for delicious meals so they don’t have to
run to the local store, and pay more. They also love
the personal service they receive from their AP Rep.

SO, if you would like to see a catalog or know anyone that might be interested let me know! I am having a lot of fun doing this and trying new things. I absolutly LOVE the SPICES!!!