Sunday, April 26, 2009

Face Paiting

I went to pick up Steele one day after school from Grandma Peggy's and brought Crew & Maycee home with me...
We had SO MUCH FUN!!! Kylie painted Crew's face, I painted Kylies, and Crew painted mine.

Steele, Kylie, Maycee, Crew's rock he painted and Crew (it's in this hand he is holding up. It is SO cute!)
My super cute nephew Crew!
Kylie, Candice, & Crew
I helped Steele & Maycee with a little bit of their paint but they really just weren't having it so they took over.


This year we went camping for Easter with Granny & Grandpa out to "Little Moab" or "Nutty Putty". We had a great time with them and Chris, Cori, Braxton, & Kayson Perry. Kylie was able to ride her motorcycle as much as she wanted and she even had Braxton to ride with. Steele got to show his skills off on his little fourwheeler. He surprised everyone at how good he is at it.

The Easter Bunny actually found us out there too! He hid the eggs that the kids colored and he also hid their baskets.

Ky on her bike. She has become such a good rider!

Steele with his new hat the Easter Bunny brought him.
Sexy model pose!
Kylie & Jade "Ridin Fools"
It was really cold but he still needed his shades.
The Easter Bunny hid Kylie's basket on top of the trailer. She didn't think it was very funny that she had to climb up there while my dad and I took pictures.
Steele and his basket. He is already such a big help in the garden now he can use his own wheele barrow.
Kylie was so cute with Steele and the Easter Egg Hunt... She walked with Steele and helped him find ALL of the eggs and let him put them in the carton.