Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Well, I haven't been too good at this blog stuff at all but I decided I might catch it up a little...

We've had quite the winter around here.

Thanksgiving morning we found out that we are pregnant. Our due date is July 19.

Jed was laid off just before Christmas and has been busy building me beautiful furniture. A bed and matching night stands (LOVE THEM) and a kitchen table. He has also remodled our spare bedroom into quite the room for Kylie... it is amazing! The baby will take her old room. He won a $5,000 gift card to South Valley Motor Sports at his Granite Company Holiday Party and bought the kids new bikes. Kylie got a TTR125 Yamaha Motorcycle that she is slowly but surely beggining to love. And Steele got a Raptor 50 fourwheeler he is quite the stud on.

Jed turned 33 this Janruary and he and I went up to Midway and stayed the night at the Zermatt Resort. It was a lot of fun to get away and enjoy each others company.

Our cousin Tyrel died of complications with a seziure very unexpectedly about two weeks later on a Sunday afternoon. We miss him dearly and think about him often. He was quite the kid! There are SO many things that will never be the same without him... Since he has been gone I can't count the times Jed has said and I have thought, "Wish Tyrel were here, he'd hit that jump!" or "This would be so much more fun with Tyrel". We love you man and can't wait to see you again!

Jed's Uncle Woofy (Kent) and family stayed with us while they were here for the services and then he came back up about two weeks later to pick up a snow cat. It was a lot of fun to have him here and spend time with him. He and Jed are (((SO))) much a like it's not even funny. We had a good time with him, Aunt Trudy, Uncle Steven, my dad, and one of Trudy's cousins out in the snow cat one night.

I also had Area & State Special Olympics Volleyball games during this crazy time. At area the team that I coach took home the Gold Medal and at State we took home the Bronze! Way to go guys, and thanks for making me smile!

February we had the Ultrasound that told us we are having another bouncing BOY, Yippe!
March has just begun and things are begging to look up... Jed is back to work!!!
My parents had their TWENTY-EIGHTH anniversary and we also just celebrated my mom's birthday.