Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sprinklers with Cousins

Calie and Sunny came over with the kids and they ran through the sprinkler. None of the kids had their swim suits since it was a last minute thing so they all wore Steele clothes... except Remie she was just fine running around in her undies, therefore there are no pictures of her on here. It is pretty funny Crew is almost six (WIERD) and Remie is 5 1/2 and they both still fit in Steele clothes the shorts are a little short on Crew but they still fit. Crew. What A Stud!

Maycee Cheese!

Ky and Steele mowing the lawn before the sprinklers. I had to get Steele a mower so he could help.

Sprinklers in the rain

Ky & her friend Rylee decided to play in the sprinklers in the rain one day. They were being such dorks! I have some seriously funny pictures of Kylie making some really great faces but she would kill me if I posted them on here for everyone to see.


Jed was washing the truck so Steele thought he should wash his bike. I think theese pictures are so cute.

New Hinding Spot

Steele has found a new favorite hiding place... I was doing laundry and climbed in and told me "Shut it, Shut it". He is so funny!

Bed Time

Jed told me he was going to go put Steele down for a nap. About 1/2 hour later I still heard noises coming from his room and decided to go peek in and found this...