Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Okay, so Steele is pretty much potty trained YEAH! And, he has started to only want to pee standing up and he asks me quite often if he can poop standing up to but of course I tell him "no we only poop sitting down". Well he also LOVES to pee outside (thanks to Jed!) preferably right in the middle of the grass out in the open. But hey, how can I say no? He is not peeing in a diaper or in his pants so I am happy for now ( it's kinda cute too!) It must be an Elton thing or something cause his 6 year old cousin still pees outside right in the open too, even off of the front pourch :-)

So today, Steele wanted to go outside and play. I let him out back with the door cracked so I could hear him. Next thing I hear is "MOOOOMMMMM" "MOOOMMMMMMM" so I step onto the deck to find my little man with his jeans and undies down to his ankles and his little shirt pulled up (I wish I would have thought to grab the camera then!) He says "Mom I pooped on the lawn". Oh boy it was so funny, I had such a hard time bringing him in to wipe his bum telling him we don't poop on the lawn we only poop on the potty. When we were done wipping we I had to go clean it up and yes I did think of the camera then
;-) How could I not take pictures to document this?