Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Steele's New Hair Cut & TipCee

Jed finally got ahold of Steele and gave him a hair cut. The top is really too long but he doesn't want me to touch it. Jed has been wanting to cut his hair for a long time.

Our Fun Sleepover

A couple weeks ago Remie & Ryklee slept at our house for the weekend. We had a lot of fun!

Sorry Shawn... Ryklee's face is messy in some of these pictures! Hahaha

Friday, March 13, 2009

Catch Up

Just a little update on our lives...
Kylie is doing great. She is taking dance and seems to be enjoying it. She does get embarrassed because it is at the Lehi Legacy Center (rec center) and there are always a lot of kids that she goes to school with there... and they might see her dancing... Aaahhh!
Steele is really enjoying his cousins lately and absolutely LOVES his BamPa's! Sorry Grandma's but you know it is the truth! He has been talking really clearly and will pretty much say anything... even the words that I don't want him to say but Jed is teaching him. He can also climb out of his crib but has learned that we don't do that and has stopped.
Jed is working nights at Walmart. He is their overnight Asset Protection. He is doing really well at it. He has made several stops and tons of deterrence's. He is really enjoying it. He keeps telling me how different it is working for a big corporation like this. Their rules are hard for him to understand... he doesn't like having to take a 15 min. break or even a lunch. He feels like they pretty much won't let him work as hard as he wants to. Now if we can just get some more work for my parents.
I am absolutely loving my job at the high school! The kids in my class make me excited to go to work everyday. They are AMAZING! It is so much fun!