Thursday, December 30, 2010

Miss Kylie is TWELVE

She's beautiful, sweet, funny, amazing, kind, thoughtful, giving, helpful, honest, trustworthy, sincere, cute...

And... I love her!

Just found this...

I just found this video and had to share it!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010


As most of you already know, I have started a food blog.  I am super excited about it because 1) I LOVE to cook! 2) I have very stong beliefs that sitting down as a family for supper is one of the most effective ways to stay close as a family and on top of what your kids are up to 3) Cooking for my family makes me proud.  It is one way I show my family I love them and care about them. But I also know how cooking dinner every night gets boring and repetitive when you are making the same things over and over again.  So I want to help make it more exciting for you by giving you all some different ideas.  I will be posting my favorite fun, different, mostly "normal" recipes that I love to make for my family and I want to share them with you.  Here is a link Meal Makin Momma.  Go there and "LIKE" it along with my Meal Makin Momma facebook page.  And PLEASE if you have something delicious that you would like to share, I am ALWAYS up for new ideas.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Guest Chef

As many of you know I LOVE to cook. I LOVE to try new differnt recipes. I love to creat wierd thing and have them turn out DELICIOUS!

Well this Friday I will be a Guest Chef on our local KUTV Channel 2's new daytime segmant Fresh Living... and yes I am SCARED TO DEATH and am now wondering what I got myself into. I keep wondering if I should just call them and tell them I'm not coming, end of story. But I won't! I won't let the fear and shakes take control of me... I WILL DO THIS!

I've been wanting to start a Foodie Blog for a long time to give me a good excuse for making all of this delishious food I have been making (it's getting to a rediculous point).

So just to start out and see how it goes I have created a Facebook page... Its called Meal Makin Momma. Since you are reading this I am assuming you know me in some way so I am asking you to help me out, first by "Liking" my page and second by posting a link on your Facebook wall... That would be SUPER awesome and I would really appriciate it! Here is a link...!/pages/Lehi-UT/Meal-Makin-Momma/160968463938461?v=wall

Thursday, November 4, 2010


My dad built this swing for the grandkids. He's the best! When I was little we had one just like it, I have a lot of great memories of it. I was a lot more excited about it than my kids were while he was making it. But now they love it just like I did.

Check out how Steele flys! I know he is whining and I am laughing but I promise he loves it now just like I knew he would... It only took a few trys on the swing till he laughs the whole time.


Brennan LOVES to hold Dax! He has helped me out SO much! There for a few weeks while I was canning he would just come hang out and help with the boys. But anytime he's around Dax is being held. Our kids are super lucky to have such a crazy fun uncle that likes them so much!


Grandpa Wes came to help Steele one night when Dad couldn't get home from work soon enough. We love Grandpa Wes

Steele would ONLY wrestle Garret or Hali

Hali trying to get Steele to Wrestle her at the Torniment...