Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Guest Chef

As many of you know I LOVE to cook. I LOVE to try new differnt recipes. I love to creat wierd thing and have them turn out DELICIOUS!

Well this Friday I will be a Guest Chef on our local KUTV Channel 2's new daytime segmant Fresh Living... and yes I am SCARED TO DEATH and am now wondering what I got myself into. I keep wondering if I should just call them and tell them I'm not coming, end of story. But I won't! I won't let the fear and shakes take control of me... I WILL DO THIS!

I've been wanting to start a Foodie Blog for a long time to give me a good excuse for making all of this delishious food I have been making (it's getting to a rediculous point).

So just to start out and see how it goes I have created a Facebook page... Its called Meal Makin Momma. Since you are reading this I am assuming you know me in some way so I am asking you to help me out, first by "Liking" my page and second by posting a link on your Facebook wall... That would be SUPER awesome and I would really appriciate it! Here is a link...!/pages/Lehi-UT/Meal-Makin-Momma/160968463938461?v=wall

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